What herbs can you use with roast beef?

I have rosemary, basil and mixed herbs. I don’t want have to go to the spar because it’s raining.

Sunshine is right you dont need herbs to have a great roast of beef but you must have yorkshire puds or its just not the same

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  1. to be honest you should have enough there you don’t want to over do it you know what they say less is more but Black Pepper would not go a miss. Stay warm and dry and since you have a PC check out the BBC Food website full of recipies and ideas and easy to navigate I love it.
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/ well worth bookmarking
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  2. Don’t spoil roast beef with herbs, it tastes better on it’s own, just make sure you cook down the juices left after roasting to use in the gravy, any kind of herbs on roast beef ruins its taste IMHO.
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  3. A good coating of black pepper, preferably fresh,coarsely ground, should do the trick.
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  4. The easiest thing to do is make a rub. Hopefully you also have oil(preferably olive, if not vegetable will do), rosemary, thyme, basil and some chopped garlic(powdered can do in a pinch). Rub this on the meat and let it sit for a hour or two in the refrigerator before it goes into the oven. If you really want the flavors to penetrate then poke some holes in the meat or slit and place slices of garlic and rosemary in and place it in a plastic bag.

    Bon appetit!
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  5. I’m with John B, you don’t really add herbs to beef it would spoil it. Black pepper would be ok though.

    If you want herbs, add them to your potatoes. Or mustard, or chopped spring onions.

    Happy eating.
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  6. Leave the rosemary/basil until you’re onto pork or lamb/tomato-based sauce. Just now reach for your BAYleaves, dried or fresh, and a tidgy bit of freshly coarse-ground black pepper. Bon appetit!
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  7. Go basic: black pepper
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  8. There are varying tastes. I like to cut slots with a paring knife and insert sliced slivers of garlic. Seasoning the outside surface sprinkling with salt, red pepper, and thyme. One could use black pepper instead of red pepper. I would not use an herb blend because it may contain herbs that are not good with beef like sage which is better with pork & poultry. Rosemary is great with poultry. I like basal with any meat using tomatoes. Herbs are ment to enhance flavor not be the dominant flavor, better to use too little than too much. This is personal preference, opinions vary.
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    Betty Crocker herb chart

  9. carrots,celery,onion,garlic,red-wine,salt and pepper !!! (lots & lots )
    why make soup when you want meat !!!!!

    don’t get wet ! cause then you’ll need the soup !!
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  10. The basil is what I use to give a "sweet flavor" to the beef. I also add a little garlic, salt and pepper to taste.
    There are many herbs that go well with Roast Beef. Here are some helpful links that may guide you to the particular "taste design" that you seek:


    Keep in mind that many wines and liquors are used to flavor beef:

    History of Roast Beef:

    You may want to research "wild herbs" insidious to your area that you can pick and use.
    Good Luck
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  11. Sunshine is right you dont need herbs to have a great roast of beef but you must have yorkshire puds or its just not the same
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  12. Leave the herbs off the beef – just some rough ground black pepper – but use the rosemary & perhaps mixed herbs in with the roast potatoes …..LOVELY!
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  13. mixed herbs, add them to the gravy, also a glass of red wine if you have any.
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  14. What do you like? I put anything from pickling spice to a simple salt,pepper,garlic,rubber thyme mixture on mine.
    Cook it fat side up with lots of salt on the fat. This way the flavours will go thru the beef.
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