Any home remedies for getting rid of roaches?

my neighbor has roaches and now they are comming into my home any home remedies on getting rid of them

boric acid powder is available at home stores.

also, outdoors, fill a jar half way with liquid coffee.

put it outdoors, lay a stick from the ground to the edge. (tilt the jar a little)

roaches will walk up the stick and drop into the jar.

thay can’t get out.

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  1. I wait till i get about 10 then i roll them up and smoke them
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  2. cut them with scissors roll them all together fire em up and smoke away
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  3. For years I used boric acid powder, I have not used it for about 15 years because there was no need for it. It is good for killing and stopping ants and roaches from coming in the room/house.

    I used to purchase it a the drug store, and had to state it was for bugs, ect…

    Hope this helps

    Boric Acid Powder
    An easy-to-use boric acid (100%) powder that is odorless and nonstaining. Kills roaches, water bugs, ants, fleas and silverfish. Insects walk through the dust, ingest it, and die within hours.

    Application Instructions:
    Apply lightly to cracks, crevices and surfaces, where crawling insects frequent.
    Sprinkle around baseboards, under and behind refrigerator, stove, sink, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.
    Also, sprinkle into openings around drain pipes and electrical conduits, and in cracks and crevices along baseboards and corners of cabinets, cupboards and closets.
    Apply directly to carpets where pets frequently traffic or sleep at the rate of 1.5 pounds per 150 square feet.
    Vacuum area at least twice prior to application of boric acid. Work powder deep into fibers and mat.
    Any powder visible after application must be brushed into carpet fibers.
    Allow powder to remain for a period of three weeks to achieve maximum flea control in carpets
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  4. boric acid powder is available at home stores.

    also, outdoors, fill a jar half way with liquid coffee.

    put it outdoors, lay a stick from the ground to the edge. (tilt the jar a little)

    roaches will walk up the stick and drop into the jar.

    thay can’t get out.
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    my neighbor showed me this trick

  5. Sprinkle boric acid around all the baseboards, under sinks and cabinets, around toilet and bathtub, in closets, and around doorways.

    You can also make your own roach traps:


    1/4 cup lard or shortening
    1/8 sugar
    8 ounces powdered boric acid
    1/2 cup flour
    1/2 chopped onion
    Water to form a soft dough


    Mix the lard and sugar until you get a creamy mix.
    Mix the boric acid, flour, and onion.
    Add to the lard and sugar mix.
    Add enough water to form a soft dough.
    Shape the mixture into soft balls or drop a small amount on opened small plastic bags.
    Now you can place these where Mr. Cockroach and his gang usually lurk (cupboards, under the sinks, under the fridge and dishwasher…) Just keep them away from pets and small children. Boric acid is poison! It’s the real active ingredient in this mix.
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  6. Call some one because they can get rid of the roaches and the eggs. Just killing the Roach wont get rid of them. After they get rid of the them get Raid and killing any more that come it. Fix your house if you have holes or a bad door. They can get in through small holes.
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  7. A lot of the products you buy at homedepot or lowes are watered down and dont work to well. You may need a pro.

    This site has an FAQ section that is pretty helpful.
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  8. instead of looking for home remedies go to your local pest control store and buy Roach spray to spray around your house. and try to keep your house as clean as possible,roaches love grease and garbage and also dirty sinks,one roach could lay over 10,000 eggs a year do the math.
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  9. I myself am fighting the battle with roaches. I live in a apartment complex that use weak stuff. I am keeping clean and using raid. I spray everywhere and I spray them when I see them.
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  10. Extreme cleanliness.
    Take the trash out nightly and keep the dishes washed up.
    All the trash. Keep it picked up, and taken out nightly.

    Boric Acid.

    But the cleanliness is indeed, a major factor.
    Give them as little as possible to feed and live on.

    I’m still to ashamed how we had to learn that.
    If we knew that prior to always giving money to an exterminator, we just might be rich by now.
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  11. Make sure there is no water leaks (even ever so slight) under the sinks or anywhere else (roaches love water). Make sure the gutters of the house are clean. Clear out all the leaves or brown debris around the outside of the house.
    Now, back on the inside; wipe up all the splatters from the sinks and make sure all the food waste is kept in a container with a lid (roaches eat the same food as humans and even a small bit makes a meal for them). Empty or clean the drip pan under the refrigerator/freezer often.
    If the critters have nothing to eat or drink, they won’t stay around.
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